Hey, thanks for coming by. I'm glad you're here. I want to learn more about you too! 

As for me, I like a nice solitary stroll around an empty art museum, I generally think "spicy" flavored anything is never hot enough, I have a soft spot in my heart for giant dogs that are closer to dinosaur size than canine (but hate anything of the reptile or amphibian species), and I love being outside doing anything adrenaline inducing or heart rate accelerating. Adventuring and traveling is my greatest inspiration. And I really, really, like creating things, particularly photographs.

And you should also know this about meβ€”my goal in capturing you and your love isn't to make you look perfect. I just want you how you are. You know that feeling of being with your best friend? I want you to be able to look at these photos and remember just what that's like. There is so much beauty and emotion in the spontaneous and unplanned, in the real stuff. Let's capture that. And hey, maybe, just maybe, we can have some fun along the way too.

Check out my images and explore my style. If you find a connection to my work, let's chat.

Erin was awesome to work with! ...the pictures that we received from Erin were even better than we expected!
— Groom
Are you kidding me?!?! These are amazing! I almost had a heart attack at the pool. Thank you so much! ...everyone here was freaking out at the pictures and how amazing they are. You are simply amazing!
— Bride
Erin was really helpful with getting photos of my extremely large family as well as being patient and very kind to all of them. The photos turned out fabulous, I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect!!
— Bride